The Seahawks are a young bunch and their immaturity occasionally shows in big ways. Take Marshawn Lynch’s crotch grabbing and Doug Baldwin’s rant.

Baldwin’s bluster was almost exactly what Richard Sherman did a year ago in the NFC title game; and, just like Sherman, Baldwin regretted taking away from his team’s big victory.

Lynch was fined $20,000 for another adolescent touchdown move, and then the crotchety NFL thought Chris Matthews did the same thing while congratulating Lynch and erroneously fined him, too.

Someone in the NFL offices is blind, obviously.

On positive note, the Seattle Police Department gave Michael Bennett’s foundation the bike he rode around the CLink after the NFC win.

Here’s video of Kam Chancellor rallying the Hawks before overtime against Green Bay.

The “U mad, bro?” game was the launching pad for this defense, says.

If you love detailed statistical comparisons that include standard deviations, here’s a look at how historically great the Seattle defense has been the last three years.

MMQB breaks down the Super Bowl matchups in detail but picks the wrong team to win.

The “What If” computer picks the Seahawks.

The Seattle Times reports on all of the trademarks the Seahawks have sought recently.

Seems appropriate that some stoners named a new breed of pot in honor of Lynch.

In “Bad Lip Reading” of the NFL season, Pete Carroll says, “Come on. Hug Daddy. I love my gopher.”


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