Carroll is miffed about ‘fascinating’ penalty disparity

Days after the NFL admitted blowing a key pass interference call that might have helped the Seahawks beat Kansas City, the Hawks practically had to beg for flags to be thrown against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Pete Carroll was not pleased, chewing out the refs more than once in a game in which his team was flagged seven times for 74 yards — at home — while the visitors were set back just three times for 25 yards.

“I’ve had it about up to here with this penalty situation and the way it’s gone,” Carroll told 710 ESPN on Monday morning. “They won’t call penalties on the other guys. They just won’t do it.”

It’s not griping. It is simply a fact. As pointed out here last week, the refs have not been evenhanded with the Hawks this season.

“There is quite a gap between what they’re calling numbers-wise on one team than the other,” Carroll said Monday afternoon. “I think it’s interesting — fascinating. When we won the national championship the first year (at USC), the next year our opponents were penalized the least — for the next four years. That’s all I’m going to say about that.”


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