Ware reminds Hawks why they cut him & should not draft LSU players

WareSpencer Ware, cut by the Seahawks over the weekend, was arrested this morning for DUI in Maple Valley, per The Seattle Times. It’s his second DUI arrest this year; he also tested positive for synthetic marijuana while at LSU in 2011.

Obviously, Ware has a substance-abuse issue that he should address. He’s just the latest of many LSU players to run into trouble with the law — Les Miles runs a rogue program down in Baton Rouge.

The Hawks drafted two LSU players — Ware and Tharold Simon — last year. Simon was caught in the same pot test as Ware back in 2011, and then he was arrested right before the draft last year after an altercation with a police officer. The Hawks selected him in the fifth round anyway.

Simon is injured again and it remains to be seen whether he will ever shake his immaturity and fragility to become a positive contributor to the Hawks and the community.

The bottom line for the Seahawks going forward (and always should have been): Do not draft LSU players.

Other afternoon thoughts:

**The Seahawks reached an injury settlement with cornerback A.J. Jefferson, who surprisingly was placed on injured reserve with an ankle injury that didn’t seem that serious — and apparently was not.

Jefferson will now be free to sign with another team once healthy and play this season, and the Hawks will regain salary cap space for any unpaid portions of his salary not included in the settlement. Per Adam Caplan, they paid him for five weeks, which means the team should get a $402,000 cap credit.

The Hawks took a bunch of hits to their backup corners in the preseason, losing Jefferson, Jeremy Lane (hamstring) and Simon (knee) toward the end.

The Hawks also performed the same move with guard C.J. Davis and released him off IR. That leaves them with five players on IR: LB Heath Farwell, TE Anthony McCoy, WR Taylor Price, DT D’Anthony Smith and DT Jesse Williams.

**The Hawks could be making yet more moves on the practice squad in the next day or so after receiver Phil Bates cleared waivers following his release by the team Monday and guard Caylin Hauptmann was released by Cleveland after failing a physical.

**One of the funniest things about following the Seahawks is watching the painful interactions between the media and Marshawn Lynch. ESPN’s reporters made a huge deal of Lynch’s reticence to talk before the Super Bowl, while local reporters had grown used to his silence.

You have to give Lynch a ton of credit for realizing he is not a public speaker (Skittles obviously knows this) and leaving that stuff to guys such as Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas.

But you also have to feel for the poor beat reporters who are obligated to stand by and listen to Lynch blare profane music while saying pretty much nothing. That kind of nonsense is why I never pursued becoming a full-time beat reporter.

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