Expect Adams to take Seattle’s stellar offer by season opener

The Seahawks reportedly have made their final offer to Jamal Adams, and the bet here is he takes it by the opener. They’re too close for him not to.

The offer, per The Seattle Times: $17.5 million a year over four years, with $38 million guaranteed. Adams’ agents asked for $40 million guaranteed and more of it paid out over the first three years.

That’s not a big gap to bridge, but the Seahawks reportedly are done negotiating, so odds are Adams eventually will take the Seahawks’ stellar offer. It’s a whopping 14.8% raise over top-paid safety Justin Simmons — way more than Russell Wilson (4.5%) and Bobby Wagner (5.9%) got to be No. 1 at their positions.

The $38 million in guarantees would be No. 2 among safeties to Landon Collins’ $44.5M, and the raise would be almost double the record 7.7% bump Collins got when he ascended to No. 1 safety in 2019.  

Adams might hold out until the week before the season, but it is hard to see him pouting for long about such a great offer. The alternative is for him to play out his $9.86 million option year and then inevitably get the franchise tag from Seattle, which then likely would try to trade him.

Per The Times, withholding his services this year is not really an option; that would simply push this to next year, as his contract would toll if he were placed on the “reserve/left squad” list.

So, expect him to be on the field for the opener, after signing the stellar contract Seattle has offered.


One thought on “Expect Adams to take Seattle’s stellar offer by season opener”

  1. well, that’s done now. Time for the Hawk Doomers to find something else to complain about. And they will…..

    This guy has the potential to be a Defensive Player of the Year.
    And if he makes All Pro the next 3 years or so, it will be well worth the price.

    and the 2 first round picks are basically early 2nds, since only 15-20 players a year actually get 1st round grades.

    I suspect Brown will play also. Maybe not 100% happy, but what else is he going to do? His hold out in Houston went well beyond his pay.

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