With new CBA, salary cap space shrinks

Salary cap logoPassage of the new CBA was expected to add a few million in salary cap space, but it turns out the cap is actually a couple million less than originally thought: $198.2 million.

With minimum salaries going up $100,000 for rookies and $90,000 for veterans, and practice squad expenses going up (both roster size and salaries), the Seahawks will need to reserve an extra $4 million in cap space. Add $3.46 million in possible rookie proration from their eight draft picks and at least $3 million for injury replacements during the season, and their effective cap space for veterans is more like $35 million.

But the CBA includes a couple of $1.25 million cap discounts for re-signing veterans, so the Hawks have more like $37.5 million if you count those.

They can easily add $6 million by cutting Ed Dickson ($3 million), Tedric Thompson ($2.14 million) and Nick Bellore ($1 million).

Others have speculated they could cut Justin Britt ($8.5 million), K.J. Wright ($7.5 million) and Bradley McDougald ($4.1 million) — but don’t expect that.


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