Reed: $10 million is ‘disrespectfully low’

Jarran Reed on stageJarran Reed thinks $10 million a year is “disrespectfully low,” which means the Seahawks probably will be saying goodbye to him.

Replying to some Twitter speculation about his possible value being $8 million to $10 million, he said, “Yikes, that’s disrespectfully low.”

Our thought is that Seattle prefers to bring him back for around $8 million and that he probably will have to take a one-year deal somewhere to rehabilitate his value after a busted contract year.

After the 2018 season, when he had 10.5 sacks, he likely was thinking $17 million a year (up there with market setters Fletcher Cox and Grady Jarrett). But a six-game suspension and lesser performance in 2019 means he might struggle to find someone to pay him more than $12 million this year. And even that might be on a one-year, prove-it deal.

John Schneider has never paid a defensive lineman more than $10 million per year, and he will have to strongly consider doubling that for Jadeveon Clowney (after not paying Frank Clark last year). The GM also needs to add another veteran outside rusher, which could run as much as $13 million. So he likely will not be interested in paying a one-shot wonder interior guy more than $8 million or so.

Reed made it clear he expects to get more than that, which means Seattle likely will need to replace him.

The draft has some intriguing defensive tackles, and the Seahawks probably will need to look at Oklahoma’s Neville Gallimore, TCU’s Ross Blacklock and others in the first couple of rounds — while adding their usual veteran run stopper.


One thought on “Reed: $10 million is ‘disrespectfully low’”

  1. Given SEA’s track record of find high value veteran interior lineman, I would just let Reed walk. He’s not close to Brandon Mebane — much less Cox and Jackson.


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