Lynch on his return: ‘We got unfinished business’

Logo -- San FranciscoMarshawn Lynch said he is coming back to the Seahawks because he has “unfinished business” and simply wants “to help them go ahead and get the Super Bowl that they should be playing for.”

The 33-year-old knows he is not going to be able to do the things he did for Seattle during their Super Bowl runs in 2013-14. But he also still feels the sting of not winning Super Bowl XLIX and wants to try to rectify that major miss.

“We got history there. We got unfinished business,” he said in a YouTube video posted by Beast Mode Productions on Monday.

Everyone knows what he means by “unfinished business” — the loss in Super Bowl XLIX that came after Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell decided not to give him the ball on the 1-yard line with the game on the line.

“I’ve been many places around the world,” Lynch said. “I have people come up speaking to me in languages I don’t know what the hell they are saying. But … when it’s translated, (it means), ‘You should have two Super Bowl rings.’

“It wasn’t just a thing that hurt Seattle Seahawk fans. It was a thing that hurt football fans, period.”

Lynch said retirement made him appreciate football more. “You step away for a minute and find out that’s really your passion. … It really comes down to that as well. While I still have this in me, while I’m still able to do it … I’m going to take every opportunity to go ahead and do what I love. It just so happens I have the opportunity to go back and play for Seattle right now, so I’m going to maximize my opportunity to the fullest.”

The last game he played, ironically, was in London against the Seahawks in October 2018; he went on IR after that game and was not brought back by Jon Gruden’s Raiders this year. He started to think about possibly coming back after Rashaad Penny was injured a couple of weeks ago and Lynch stopped by the team facility to visit. He then began working out to try to get in some approximation of football condition.

So what does he expect to bring to the Seahawks?

“At my age, this is a great opportunity to come in and help where needed,” he said. “Get in, do my little thing, then get out. Hopefully be able to help them go ahead and get the Super Bowl that they should be playing for.

“I like the guy (Travis Homer) that they’ve got running for them right now. I don’t see me coming in there to be the running back they had five years ago. Just to be able to step in where needed, to be able to help when called upon.”


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