Hawks have replicated 2013 moves on D-line

Schneider at 2019 combineIn May, we said the Seahawks needed to replicate their 2013 moves and find a way to add a couple of impact veteran pass rushers.

Four months later, they have achieved that goal — in spades (Jadeveon Clowney trumps Nick Perry).

John Schneider getting Clowney and Ziggy Ansah for a grand total of no more than $21.25 million is akin to his 2013 coup of signing Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril for $18 million (Avril signed for two years). And, if Clowney and Ansah play like Bennett and Avril did that year, the Hawks could be looking at their second Lombardi Trophy.

Like 2013, the Hawks also added a veteran tackle, Al Woods, to play alongside Poona Ford (and Jarran Reed, when he returns from suspension). So they now have everything they need to mimic their Super Bowl season performance, when they were the NFL’s No. 1 pass defense and the No. 7 unit vs. the run.

As for the future, it seems unlikely that Schneider will keep Clowney or Ansah, let alone both, as he did Avril and Bennett.

Schneider reportedly agreed not to franchise Clowney next year, and Seattle is paying him just $8 million — keeping alive the team’s streak of never paying a pass rusher more than $10 million (though Ansah’s deal could max out at $13.25 million).

Seattle will have over $50 million for free agents and extensions next year, but Schneider surely won’t want to use it all on two pass rushers — and probably not even one.

The Hawks probably will hope both pass rushers play their ways to big pay days and merit third-round comp picks for the 2021 draft. And Schneider likely will go looking for another pass rusher or two next year.

But, if they continue along that 2013 path and win the Super Bowl again, who cares?


2 thoughts on “Hawks have replicated 2013 moves on D-line”

  1. Overlooked in the hype is that Clowney is an excellent run defender— a clear upgrade from Clark in that respect. Between him, Ford, and Kendrick’s, the run defense that the Cowboys gashed is suddenly a strength.

    While I don’t much like the idea of three rookie WRs, Baldwin-Tate-Kearse didn’t look like much on Week 1 2013. Plus, Russell is a lot better now, and he was good enough then.


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