Matthews & Lewan got huge deals; what is Brown worth?

Training camp logo2Duane Brown is in Seattle partly because he was holding out in Houston for a new deal last season.

He hasn’t made the same noise about a new contract in Seattle, probably because he is just happy to be on a team not run by a redneck like Bob McNair.

Brown is being paid $9.75 million this season and, as he gets set to turn 33 on Aug. 30, he’s not going to merit the kind of contracts Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan were given Friday. Matthews, Atlanta’s 26-year-old left tackle, got $15 million a year. Lewan, Tennessee’s 27-year-old star left tackle, got $16 million a year.

John Schneider has said he wants Brown to finish his career in Seattle, but Schneider obviously is not going to pay top dollar to keep the aging vet. The Seahawks seem likely to offer Brown around $10 million or $11 million a year on maybe a three-year deal. But when?

Brown has not expressed concern about his contract in Seattle, possibly because he knows he will be a free agent next year and can solicit offers for one last big deal before he retires.

If he’s OK with $10 million or $11 million, a deal should get done before the season. If not, the Seahawks will have to hope George Fant or Jamarco Jones is their left tackle of the future.


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