Injured Thomas on Seahawks: ‘We don’t have all our parts’

logo-playoffsEarl Thomas might not be with the Seahawks on the field, but there is no doubt he is with them in spirit.

He has been actively cheerleading via Twitter since he got hurt, sometimes with hilarious comments.

He also held a chat via The Seattle Times on Thursday, during which he said he is feeling pretty good after surgery on his broken leg, misses the game and feels like the team is not as good without him.

On his health, he said, “I don’t feel much pain now. I feel pretty good, man. I’m very mobile. I’m moving around by myself. That’s all I can ask for.”

He also addressed his statement that he plans to return, after emotionally suggesting he might not.

“It’s been very difficult. It’s like a roller coaster,” he said. “You have good days and bad days, but these last seven days have been all good days so I feel like I’m on the come up.

“I think that’s a factor. A more important factor would be that I just miss the game. When you hear players reach out to you, you never know how you touch people and the way you do things. Tyrann Mathieu tweeted at me saying he needs the competition. I’ve never had this vantage point before. All that has made me decide I want to keep growing.”

The other day, he tweeted that the Seahawks would have had the No. 2 seed if he had not gotten hurt. Asked to compare this team to the Super Bowl teams of 2013 and 2014, he pointed to his absence as a reason he could not.

“I couldn’t make that comparison, because I’m not playing,” he said. “You’ve got to have all your parts, and we don’t have all our parts.”

He also said the Seahawks miss Marshawn Lynch.

“I feel like over the years, we’ve evolved and we’ve always been a physical team,” he said. “We definitely miss Marshawn a lot. His influence is very powerful. We definitely miss him.”

On a related note, Thomas made it clear he thinks winning teams are made up front. Asked which position he would build using Pro Bowl players, he said simply: “O-line.”

And asked his favorite non-Seahawks to watch, he said, “Dak Prescott and the Dallas O-line since I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan.”

The Dallas O-line, by the way, features three Pro Bowl players.

As for the Seahawks’ game vs. the Lions on Saturday, Thomas would not predict anything other than “Our front seven will dominate.”

Left unsaid: He has about as little confidence in Seattle’s offense as everyone else. But he’ll be cheering the team on from the sideline.

Here are some of Thomas’ best tweets since he was injured:


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