Seattle’s playoff miracles

The Seahawks have been such a middling franchise over most of their 40 years that their miracle moments are easy to recall. Let’s take a look at Seattle’s most miraculous playoff wins:

Wild-card game at Minnesota
Botched FGs -- WalshSeason: 2015
Blair Walsh’s missed 27-yard field goal in the final 30 seconds allowed Seattle to escape with a 10-9 victory.

NFC title game vs. Green Bay
Season: 2014
Seattle rallied from a 19-7 deficit in the final four minutes, getting two touchdowns, an onside kick recovery and a two-point conversion to force overtime, where they quickly won it, 28-22.

Beast Quake vs. New Orleans
Season: 2010
Marshawn Lynch broke eight tackles on an earth-rocking 67-yard run in the fourth quarter of a stunning 41-36 wild-card upset of the Saints.

Wild-card game vs. Dallas
Botched FGs - RomoSeason: 2006
Tony Romo botched the hold for a 19-yard field goal in the final 1:19, and Jordan Babineaux tackled him to preserve Seattle’s 21-20 win.

Divisional playoff game at Miami
Season: 1983
Huge underdogs to the Dolphins, the Seahawks scored the go-ahead touchdown in the final couple of minutes, then sealed the upset with a field goal and fumble recoveries on both kickoffs.

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