Rookie Corner

Observations from a neophyte

By The Hasty Chef (wife of CHawk Talk’s CC) 

WEEK 16: Hawks 38, Chiefs 31
So great to see the most complete game of the season by the Seahawks. The most entertaining moment was Chris Carson bulling into the end zone for the clinching TD, basically telling two Chiefs, “I’m going in, and you can come with me.”

WEEK 15: 49ers 26, Hawks 23 (OT)
I love Doug Baldwin: The MVP despite his aches and pains. And then there’s Old Guy (Sebastian Janikowski), who is really the one who cost us this game.

WEEK 14: Seahawks 21, Vikings 7
It was a tough win as the defense had to play both defense and offense. But just a win away from the playoffs!

WEEK 13: Seahawks 43, 49ers 16
I’m loving our team now, mixing stars like Wagner (they’d better re-sign him) and up-and-comers like Penny. Just in time for the playoff push!

WEEK 12: Seahawks 30, Panthers 27
Good job, Hawks! Way to beat No. 1 with zeros on the clock!

WEEK 11: Seahawks 27, Packers 24
Wilson did a good Goldilocks impression — a throw too long, a throw too short and, finally in the fourth quarter, a throw just right. Thank goodness for Tyler Lockett.

WEEK 10: Rams 36, Seahawks 31
Good thing the Hawks are done with the L.A. teams — for now. 0-3. Sheesh.

WEEK 9: Chargers 25, Seahawks 17
The most impressive thing the Hawks did today, other than their first TD drive, was their choreographed dance.

WEEK 8: Seahawks 28, Lions 14
It might be rainy in Seattle, but it’s all rainbows and sunshine for the Seahawks. Shout-out to Russell Wilson for his perfect game.

WEEK 6: Seahawks 27, Raiders 3
Glad the Hawks made it worth the trip for all of the fans who made it a home game for them.

WEEK 5: Rams 33, Seahawks 31
Frank Clark should lose 12 pounds every week. What a sick game (forced fumble, interception). And Lockett still the most consistent Seahawk.

WEEK 4: Seahawks 20, Cardinals 17
I feel bad for Earl Thomas, but kind of funny he “flipped the bird” in a game between teams of a feather, the Seahawks and Cardinals.

WEEK 3: Seahawks 24, Cowboys 13
While most of the Hawks are trying to find their wings, the Fab Four — Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Chris Carson and Tyler Lockett — have left the nest already and made sure the Hawks got their first win today. Let’s hope the rest of the Hawk flock takes flight soon.

WEEK 2: At Bears 24, Seahawks 17
Another impressive game by Wilson (six sacks, pick-six, fumble), who seems confused about which direction he needs to go to score. He needs to stop helping the other teams more than he helps us.

WEEK 1: At Broncos 27, Seahawks 24
I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t watched that many football games, but the last minute of today’s Hawks game seemed like a playbook of what NOT to do. In the last-minute opportunity to redeem himself for a game of errors, Russell Wilson managed to lead his team to a 5-yard penalty, lose 10 seconds off the clock, spike/waste a down, move slowly back into formation AND fumble the ball. All that in just one minute. Impressive.

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