Rookie Corner

Observations from a neophyte

By The Hasty Chef (wife of CHawk Talk’s CC) 

WEEK 11: Seahawks 27, Packers 24
Wilson did a good Goldilocks impression — a throw too long, a throw too short and, finally in the fourth quarter, a throw just right. Thank goodness for Tyler Lockett.

WEEK 10: Rams 36, Seahawks 31
Good thing the Hawks are done with the L.A. teams — for now. 0-3. Sheesh.

WEEK 9: Chargers 25, Seahawks 17
The most impressive thing the Hawks did today, other than their first TD drive, was their choreographed dance.

WEEK 8: Seahawks 28, Lions 14
It might be rainy in Seattle, but it’s all rainbows and sunshine for the Seahawks. Shout-out to Russell Wilson for his perfect game.

WEEK 6: Seahawks 27, Raiders 3
Glad the Hawks made it worth the trip for all of the fans who made it a home game for them.

WEEK 5: Rams 33, Seahawks 31
Frank Clark should lose 12 pounds every week. What a sick game (forced fumble, interception). And Lockett still the most consistent Seahawk.

WEEK 4: Seahawks 20, Cardinals 17
I feel bad for Earl Thomas, but kind of funny he “flipped the bird” in a game between teams of a feather, the Seahawks and Cardinals.

WEEK 3: Seahawks 24, Cowboys 13
While most of the Hawks are trying to find their wings, the Fab Four — Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Chris Carson and Tyler Lockett — have left the nest already and made sure the Hawks got their first win today. Let’s hope the rest of the Hawk flock takes flight soon.

WEEK 2: At Bears 24, Seahawks 17
Another impressive game by Wilson (six sacks, pick-six, fumble), who seems confused about which direction he needs to go to score. He needs to stop helping the other teams more than he helps us.

WEEK 1: At Broncos 27, Seahawks 24
I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t watched that many football games, but the last minute of today’s Hawks game seemed like a playbook of what NOT to do. In the last-minute opportunity to redeem himself for a game of errors, Russell Wilson managed to lead his team to a 5-yard penalty, lose 10 seconds off the clock, spike/waste a down, move slowly back into formation AND fumble the ball. All that in just one minute. Impressive.

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