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Most people have become savvy to the comp pick game by now, especially knowing John Schneider likes to play it as much as any NFL GM. With every move comes a bevy of questions from fans about how it affects the comp formula. So we’ve put together a real-time tracker, using the excellent tool created by Nick Korte at OverTheCap.com. Here are the rules guiding comp picks.

In 2018, Schneider needed to add veteran players to a young roster, so he didn’t play the comp game like he had in previous years. He added seven UFAs and lost four — the final tally was 5-4 after he cut two guys before Week 10.

This offseason, Schneider seems to want to get back in the comp game. At the Combine, he told 710 ESPN’s John Clayton: “You have to be careful with unrestricted free agency because there’s that balance of losing draft picks. … We ended up signing so many unrestricted free agents (in 2018) that we ended up losing draft picks (this year).”

In April, he said that was indeed the plan: “This year, we’re trying to be a little bit more selective with the cap casualty guys that don’t count toward your compensatory picks.”

2019 COMPetition

The Seahawks have lost seven players and added possibly two (see note on Mike Iupati below), putting them in line for four potential 2020 comp picks.

Projected 2020 comp picks: 3, 4, 6, 7

UFA losses:
3 — FS Earl Thomas ($13.75m APY)
4 — CB Justin Coleman ($9m)
6 — OG J.R. Sweezy ($4.5m)
6 — DT Shamar Stephen ($4.15m)
7 — RB Mike Davis ($3m)
7 — QB Brett Hundley ($1.9m)
7 — S Maurice Alexander ($1.38m)

UFA additions:
6 — K Jason Myers ($3.88m)
7 — OG Mike Iupati ($2.75m)

Iupati might not count as an addition because his contract was voided during a renegotiation last year. If he does count, he would cancel Davis.
There’s a chance Hundley will end up under the 32-pick cutoff — he would have in three of the past four years. But, if Iupati doesn’t count, Davis would still net a 7 unless Seattle signed another UFA at $1 million to $3 million.
Schneider surely will protect the 3 and 4 from Thomas and Coleman, not adding any UFAs that would cancel them out. Not like Schneider would pay anyone $8 million anyway.
The Seahawks have two remaining UFAs: Dion Jordan, Sebastian Janikowski.
The deadline for comp signings is May 7. Players signed after that do not count.
As of April 7, 14 teams had unsigned UFAs who could still impact Seattle’s bottom two comp picks.

Comp pick history 2018

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