What are Wilson’s best trade options?

It’s no surprise that Russell Wilson reportedly is starting to “explore his options” for playing elsewhere. He opened that door last year and did not firmly close it when asked over the past month.

The latest report from NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport said, “Those close to Wilson say he wants to investigate other destinations to see if those would put him in a better position to win another championship and create the legacy he sees for himself.”

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People want ‘clarity’ on Carroll & Schneider, but we already have it

Some fans inexplicably were
expecting a big announcement from the Seahawks by the end of this week, after the season wrap meeting involving Jody Allen, Pete Carroll and John Schneider. But why would the franchise make an announcement that things are … staying the same?

It already was clear that Carroll and Schneider were not going anywhere. They both said it themselves as the season ended. Apparently, though, plenty of fans who want wholesale change think they are owed an explanation for why Allen is keeping Carroll and Schneider.

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Carroll on Wilson: ‘Unpredictable stuff’

Even Pete Carroll does not seem to know whether Russell Wilson will be on the roster next season. In one breath, he says Wilson is “our quarterback” and in another he says “unpredictable” things can happen in the offseason.

Carroll hinted to Fox 13’s Aaron Levine that there is no guarantee Wilson will be on the team.

Asked if they would be able to get through the offseason without any more Wilson drama, Carroll replied, “I don’t want to give you false hopes because there is just so much stuff that can happen in the offseason. There’s unpredictable stuff.

“We’re gonna compete at every turn,” he said. “That’s all we know how to do. That’s all John (Schneider) and I have been doing since we got here. Whatever is there, we’ve got to exhaust the opportunities for our club. (It comes) right from the owner. Jody (Allen) wants us to take a look at every single opportunity to better the franchise.”

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With Wilson as QB, Hawks need to run the ball if they want to get back to Super Bowl

Pete Carroll said he thinks Russell Wilson is going to return in 2022.

We’ll know the real answer to that in two months. If Wilson is back, though, he needs to be OK with the Carroll Way, because it is the best way for this team as long as Wilson is the quarterback.

It is well known by now that Wilson wants the reins of the offense, to put the team on his back and carry it to a Super Bowl. Well, for seven years, he has proven he cannot do that. He needs a strong running game and stingy defense. It’s what the Hawks had during the Super Bowl seasons, and it is what they will need again, especially if Wilson is to remain their QB.

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Futures of Diggs, Penny are the focus after notable season finale

Seattle’s 38-30 win in Arizona was meaningless to the franchise as far as this season is concerned, but it certainly meant a lot to the futures of Quandre Diggs and Rashaad Penny – for opposite reasons.

Poor Diggs suffered a broken fibula and dislocated ankle in the fourth quarter and left on a cart in tears as he surely considered the impact of the injury on his impending free agency.

Meanwhile, Penny had another big game, leading even more people to foolishly suggest the Seahawks pay him a bunch of money this year.

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Why would Jody Allen avoid major change?

Would Jody Allen really run it back with the same trio at the top in 2022? If so, why?

A couple of recent reports indicate that is a possibility. Sources are telling NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo that the team plans to keep Russell Wilson, and Albert Breer’s sources indicate John Schneider appears safe and Allen actually might choose the status quo for another year. Both reports indicated Pete Carroll is not considering retirement (nor has it seemed that way).

In his pregame radio appearance before the Seahawks finished their dismal season at Arizona, Schneider seemed to indicate the status quo, at least for himself and Carroll.

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Carroll, Wilson won’t talk trade yet, but their words say enough

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson don’t want to talk about the likelihood that the quarterback will be traded in two months, but Wilson’s words make it pretty clear that is a strong possibility and Carroll did not deny it even as he tried to downplay it.

Wilson keeps saying he “hopes” to stay in Seattle, but why would he say that when he controls his destiny? If he plans to decline any trade, he should simply say, “I am staying.”

So, when he says he “hopes” to be back, it means he either has conditions in mind or is simply lying. But what conditions? Wilson’s poor play (before and after the finger injury) is the main reason the Seahawks underachieved more than perhaps any club in franchise history. Any complaints he might have about the roster around him can be turned back on him twofold.

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What other roster moves need to be made?

“Not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach. I don’t think that. I think we’ve got the essence of the things that we need.” — Pete Carroll  

The Seahawks’ confounding season continues to spiral to a terrible end, and with every bad loss it becomes more and more clear that a HUGE change must come in 2022.

We already have gone into detail about why we think Pete Carroll and John Schneider will be back and why Russell Wilson needs to go. We still think that is the way it will happen. But, with the Hawks wallowing at an unbelievable 5-10 after a horrendous last-minute home loss to Chicago, it’s a good time to see what else needs to occur.

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As Bears arrive, time for more trade talk

As the Chicago Bears come to town for the first of three meaningless games for Seattle, Russell Wilson trade talk is heating up again.

It’s an apropos topic considering the Bears did their best to try to pry Wilson from Seattle last offseason, offering a combination of players and picks that included three first-rounders. John Schneider seemingly was willing to take it, but Pete Carroll said no.

Now, as the Bears come to Seattle and Wilson comes off another terrible performance against the Rams, his future is again front and center. (And it will be until he is traded, which we assume will happen next March.)

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Still in Wilson’s head, Rams end Seahawks’ season again

For the second straight year, the Rams – Russell Wilson’s forever nemesis – ended Seattle’s season.

Yeah, there are three games left, but the Seahawks have been hanging by a thread ever since their unconscionable 3-8 start. We actually called it after they got that eighth loss at Washington.

Every game has been a playoff game for the past three weeks, and the Rams were the ones to knock them out, just like they did in the real playoffs last season.

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